Hey Yall The Tommy Gilham Show will air every Saturday from 6-11.. All your Favorite Country Hits and No telling what kinda fun week to week lol. heres a link for all three stations. www.country93.ca www.country105.ca www.country104.9.ca Be sure to visit me on Facebook Yee Haw Yall Tommy Gilham.” - Tommy

Bayshore Broadcasting/Tommy Gilham Show

Dear Mr. LeMaitre Thank you for your email of October 15, 2012, and for sharing the song "A Soldier's Life" as performed by Tommy Gilham and The Chill Billys.Their generous support of the Military Families Resource Centres is very much appreciated. I was truly impressed with the idea of soliciting lyrics for the second verse of the song from Canadian Forces members, veterans, and military family members.I'm sure Ms. harmony Parent was delighted when her verse was chosen as the winning submission. Again, thank you for writing. I wish you ongoing success in your music and your life. Sincerely, Peter Mackay Minister of National Defence” - Peter Mackay

— Minister of National Defence

Gravel Road author: The Moe Inspired Performances all around bring a well written but almost TOO common theme to life so completely that even a first generation Skynyrd/Country Rock fan is remembering fun times I hadn't thought about in years (OK... Decades would be more accurate but theres really no need for me to get so personal...) Gravel Road is just plain fun and it is going to make everyone who hears it remember good times they've had and want more of the same. The whole truth is I'm working on my 50 something-th summer and nearly all of the new music I hear sounds like old music with the life drained out of it,but there's something special about this record. I believe that anyone who can still imagine saying "Hey Ya'll, Watch This" will want to make "Gravel Road" this summer's theme song ~ with my only concern being whether they get to hear it. It's a shame this song wasn't out earlier in the season(like mid May - early June) BUT~ it still has ALL of the ingredients to catch the rest of this summer on fire. With just a little bit of exposure, Gravel Road can be one of those rare "Summer of ____" Anthem songs that make everyday last a little longer and be a lot more fun. So get you some! Even if Gravel Road has to travel one by one with friends playing it for friends for awhile, I think Tommy Gilham has provided the soundtrack for the kind of parties that are fun to think of for years and years... These kind of records are too rare to risk wasting so this old guy is going to urge you one more time to get you some of this fun. Turn it up loud down by the river or out on the lake or in some parking lot full of friends and then either watch while the stories that get retold and remembered unfold OR jump in the middle of it and make memories happen.”

— The Moe Music Co.