Tommy Gilham

Tommy Gilham was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama in a home filled with love and southern hospitality where gospel and country music filled the air. Each Sunday afternoon all of the relatives would gather and pick up their instruments and play their hearts out. Tommy was drawn to Nashville after he won a songwriter contest, and immediately received a publishing deal with Polygram. While there he had the opportunity to work with artists such as Charlie Daniels, Hank Williams Jr., Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marty Stewart and others. He was for a time a member of the Charlie Daniels band Saddletramp and cut his teeth performing nightly all over Nashville. A close friend, Lynn Schultz, who happened to be the head of Capitol Records, (and who had also discovered and signed Garth Brooks), was smitten with Tommy's talent and in the midst of securing him when he suddenly passed away. A few other artists including George Jones and Toby Keith had expressed an interest in some of the songs Tommy had written. This is but one of Tommy's stories. Nascar racing was a big part of Tommy's life, as he lived near the big tracks. It was Nascar legend Bobby Allison that helped Tommy land both his publishing deal, and weekly gigs at the races. He wrote a song called Nascar Disease which quickly became an anthem for Nascar racing fans. Nascar has expressed an interest in securing rights to this song. Tommy has also written some touching songs in tribute to soldiers and veterans, both Canadian and American. He has also played for various charitable shows. Tommy was a rising star in Nashville and then the distraction of a beautiful Canadian girl took him on a new wonderful journey. After marrying, they settled on her fifth generation family homestead on the Bruce Peninsula, with two Alabama dogs, Banjo and Mandolin. Surprisingly, it is Tommy that wants to live in Canada. He has fallen in love with the peace, beauty and safety of our country. Tommy's relocation north of the border has become his home !! Canada Tommy gets attention everywhere he goes from his legitimate southern drawl to his must-have cowboy hat and western boots, Tommy is a very charasmatic individual with a great presence. A very optimistic person with a great sense of humour, uncanny storytelling ability and an ease and charm with people, Tommy's larger than life personality will certainly complement his talents as he becomes Canada's next country and western sensation. Tommy, his wife, bandmates and management team are very excited for the release of his Canadian album, his upcoming summer tour of festivals and fairs, and a reality show which is in development. His team can barely contain their excitement at the release of some future mega-hits to radio early spring 2010. He has spent the last few years performing in various venues and is quickly establishing a loyal Canadian fan base. This year's plans will surely follow Tommy's explosion into the Canadian country music scene. The New Chill Billy album, What's your Story is now finished and will be in itunes and other online sites for purchase.

The Chill Billys


The Chill Billys   

 Tommy Gilham, Guitar, Vocals...

Gavin Gardner, Bass, Vocals...

Billy McMillan, Lead Guitar, All Guitars..

Dave Farrar, Drums, Vocals

What's Their Story 

Earlier this millennium, this century, this last decade, sometime earlier, TOMMY GILHAM made his way from the deep south to the frozen north. Gradually trading his "Hog" and horse for a parka and snow blower. He tells a funny story about his first encounter with snow and blower of said snow / broken mail boxes and such. Anyway, he settles, marries and moves into a rural, two story igloo and becomes a Canadian... Meanwhile, THE CHILL BILLYS (northern hill billies) were spending most of their days lazing about the tundra, pickin' and a grimacin' and a tappin' their frost bitten toes. Until one day while pickin' up some long underwear and wool socks at Canadian Tire, they hear of this transplant from Birmingham Alabama calls himself Gilham who don't know nothin' about movin' snow but turns a tune and a lyric into pure gold. They also heard he was lookin for some better than average ice pickers to join him on his quest for gigs and glory... "What's your story?" they asked... He said somethin' low and serious like... in American. Sold said THE BILLYS... Book 'em... They can take the heat...